Poem: Last Fruits

I haven’t posted a poem in a while; I’m slowly trying to submit pieces to publications and competitions, and some guidelines around previous publishing are pretty strict.  But I’m going to share this one because I’m sure the end of Labor Day weekend has us all contemplating the approach of autumn, and one of the first signs is likely to be at your local fruit stand.

Photo credits: top, Photo by Roman Davayposmotrim on Unsplash; bottom, photo by Josefin on Unsplash.

last fruits (1)

Poem: 92 Pine

I had a dream a little while back that took place in a neighborhood that looked roughly like the far north end of Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint.  I did live in Greenpoint, although not that part, but I did spend time there during a different phase of my life.  The dream affected me so much that I wrote this poem about it.

92 pine

Photo credits, top to bottom: David Kennedy on Unsplashjonathan wilson rosas peña on Unsplash; Karl on Unsplash.


Poem: “Everything from the hive is beneficial…”

This one has a long title; the full title is “Everything from the hive is beneficial./Amazing creatures the Lord made,” which is a direct quote from this article about the event that inspired the poem: an arson in a beehive collective in Texas that killed perhaps half a million bees.

Photo credits: top, Eric Ward on Unsplash; bottom, James Pritchett on Unsplash.