Poem: 92 Pine

I had a dream a little while back that took place in a neighborhood that looked roughly like the far north end of Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint.  I did live in Greenpoint, although not that part, but I did spend time there during a different phase of my life.  The dream affected me so much that I wrote this poem about it.

92 pine

Photo credits, top to bottom: David Kennedy on Unsplashjonathan wilson rosas peña on Unsplash; Karl on Unsplash.


Poem: “Everything from the hive is beneficial…”

This one has a long title; the full title is “Everything from the hive is beneficial./Amazing creatures the Lord made,” which is a direct quote from this article about the event that inspired the poem: an arson in a beehive collective in Texas that killed perhaps half a million bees.

Photo credits: top, Eric Ward on Unsplash; bottom, James Pritchett on Unsplash.