#FlashFictionFriday: Twelve Minutes

EIGHT-TWENTY-FOUR A.M.  Photo by me.

I didn’t intend to write a sequel to “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon.”  I really just wanted to write a story that pivoted around this ridiculous delay I faced on the train the other day.  But Aidan and Swann showed up for me again, so, here you go.


R Forest Hills-71 Av 12 minutes

It’s the middle of rush hour, and I need to be at school in less than an hour for the chemistry Regents, which I will probably fail.  I drag myself to the far end of the platform so I’m in the right car when I get to the stop near school.


Aidan said he’s not going to take it.  He said this last night— his parents weren’t home, and I was testing the limits of my curfew the same way I tested my alarms this morning, which is to say pretty fucking stupidly in both cases— “I’d probably just bomb it,” he chuckled, reaching for another handful of Skittles from the bowl on the coffeetable in front of their ginormous sofa.  “Fuck it. It’s not like you really need it, either.”


“It’s just good to have options,” I’d replied, lamely, as he tossed the Skittles in his mouth and held back one of the green ones, my favorite, and slipped it between my lips.  “I should be studying,” I added, even more lamely, after I chewed it and swallowed it, soft even just from that moment or two in his hand.

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