New Poem: Sparrow in the School

vladislav-glukhotko-Z9mfVIJsWgA-unsplashYou can read “Sparrow in the School” over at Amethyst Review, a journal whose tagline, “new writing engaging with the sacred,” means a lot to me. The acceptance for this poem came a few months ago, and at a time when I was struggling with (a lot of) rejection and its aftermath, and it helped me turn a corner with my fragile intention to share my writing more formally. I’m very grateful to Dr. Law for bringing this poem to the world.

My two most recent pubs are both from 2019, a year of huge emotional highs and lows. Many people look back on 2019 as a time of relative normalcy before COVID struck, but I will always remember it with both awe and shuddering. “Sparrow in the School” and “Flatiron” both imagine the kinds of responses a benevolent God utters to hesitant and broken hearts. 

Thanks as always for reading!

Photo credit: Vladislav Glukhotko on Unsplash

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