A Tiny Prayer for anyone who, for any reason, needs time to figure out what comes next…

nathan-dumlao-LPRrEJU2GbQ-unsplashI attended Micah’s workshop on prayer tonight, and the hands-on part of the workshop was a chance to write our own “tiny prayers,” loosely following a structure Micah often employs in his own prayers.  I thought I’d share what I wrote there because it was really nice to finish something!

A tiny prayer for anyone who, for any reason, needs time to figure out what comes next

May you find the energy to get up just a little early or stay up just a little late;
May you find the courage to leave just one thing a little less than done or perfect;
May you trust someone to pick up what you lay down.

May you receive the gift of that time, or borrow it or steal it;
In stillness and memory, may you recollect the times when your heart’s deepest desire met the world’s deepest needs;
In community and companionship, may you be reminded of your gifts, your capacities, your powers.

And may you, after one time or one hundred times, return, nourished, energized, and committed to care;
And may you know when you don’t know,
when you need to know,
and when you don’t need to know…

…what comes next.


Photo credit: Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash 

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